From away days to conference events

For Corporate Events, Sound for Wellbeing expert Tessa Ann offers a Sound Spa Experience designed to provide an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation using sound.

The session aims to create a peaceful atmosphere where attendees can unwind, destress, and take a moment for themselves amidst the demands of the corporate environment.

Our bespoke experiences are created for corporate wellbeing programmes, away days, talks, conference events and retreats.

The benefits of sound-based wellbeing experiences for you and your team

  • Mental wellness

    The experience of a sound-based wellbeing session or a series of sessions offers the potential for self-discovery and may enhance mental wellness, promote clarity of mind, facilitate communication, and strengthen team bonding.

  • Productivity

    Tessa Ann has delivered Sound Spa Experiences and workshops to local and national businesses, in-person and online.

    Observing how they greatly enhance mental wellness, boost staff morale, and productivity.

  • Physical wellness

    Clinical trials have shown that sound-based wellbeing sessions may also help alleviate various common issues that can affect a team member's effectiveness, including stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.

Inspire your team with an innovative and immersive Sound Spa Experience

An innovative immersive experience

'Sound Journey under the Stars' illustrates an innovative and immersive Sound Spa experience, expertly created, designed, and produced by Tessa Ann.

A unique Sound Spa Experience under the Stars

Inspired by her personal journey of wellbeing and self-discovery through sound, Tessa Ann curated a space where individuals could immerse themselves in the transformative power of sound and captivating visuals within the Dome at Armagh Planetarium.

Drawing from her extensive background in sound production; sound for wellbeing practice, and research; as well as her profound connection to the natural world, Tessa has crafted a unique experience. This experience blends the concept of ancient sound healing techniques and frequencies with modern technologies.

Through careful curation and thoughtful intention, the Sound Journey under the Stars offers a cherished opportunity for individuals to reconnect with themselves and the world around them, in an experience that invites us to connect with the cosmos, further enhanced by the experience of universal sound.


Embark upon a journey of exploration and self-discovery through sound.

Awaken your team spirit

Immerse yourself in an experience of sound designed to unlock untapped potential, fostering focus, resilience, and inspiration.

Guided by expert facilitator Tessa Ann, journey into the transformative realm of sound for wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

With every session, ignite the collective team spirit within your workplace, empowering individuals, boosting their productivity and well-being.

Together, embark on this transformative journey toward a harmonious and thriving workplace culture.