Corporate Wellbeing Experiences

The original Sound Healing Spa concept was established by Tessa Ann in 2013.

Since then, she and her team have provided a variety of sound experiences, workshops, training, and events to individuals, groups, businesses, and corporate organisations.

Through her work with a diverse range of businesses, Tessa Ann has witnessed firsthand the positive effects of sound-based wellbeing experiences on mental wellness, clarity of mind, communication, and team bonding.

These experiences have been shown to boost morale and productivity, providing tangible workplace wellness benefits.

The benefits of sound-based wellbeing experiences for you and your team

  • Mental wellness

    Sound-based wellbeing sessions offer the potential to enhance mental wellness, promote clarity of mind, facilitate communication, and strengthen team bonding.

  • Physical wellness

    Clinical trials have shown that sound-based wellbeing sessions may also help alleviate various common issues that can affect a team member's effectiveness, including stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and more.

  • Productivity

    I've had the privilege of delivering Sound Spa Experiences and workshops to local and national businesses, in-person and online. Observing how they can greatly enhance mental wellness, uplift staff morale, and boost productivity.

Awaken your team spirit

During our in-person sound-based wellbeing sessions, an expert facilitator will guide you through exploring relaxation, rejuvenation and mindfulness through sound.

With each session, ignite the collective team spirit within your workplace, empowering individuals and enhancing both productivity and wellbeing.

Together, we will move through these experiences with the shared objective of cultivating a harmonious and thriving workplace culture.