Using therapeutic sound for neurodevelopmental conditions

Sound-based wellbeing experiences, have been proven to offer benefits to those with neurodevelopmental conditions. 

So far this year, we have supported children with our work in education settings, children & parents sessions and wellbeing events for a range of ages.


What we do at The Sound Spa

At The Sound Spa we work with the application of sound to raise awareness of sound, while at the same time supporting clients to become comfortable with sound.

For our clients with sound sensory challenges, we explore different types of sounds to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety while supporting an individual to be able to cope with the environment theyre in.

Delivered in a safe sound environment we use different types of instruments and equipment to produce sound, as a way to help a client to become aware of different types of sound and to understand the effects of sound for them personally. 

At events we use sound as a way to create calm and relaxing spaces for those with sound sensory challenges.

Our range of interactive workshops and sessions help inform clients of how the sound in their environmental space impacts them.  Following this we provide guidance on how to make changes to support those with sound sensory challenges and sound sensitivities.

We also feel it is important to equip parents, teachers, groups leaders and workplaces with the tools to become more sound aware as a way to support wellbeing, productivity and focus.



In December 2022 Tessa Ann from The Sound Spa conducted a literature review with support from the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queens University Belfast exploring research previously conducted to assess the impact of sound on wellbeing within educational spaces, workplaces and residential settings.

We feel it is important to deliver a holistic approach to sound awareness, combining employee wellbeing with the skilling-up staff to become more aware of how sound impacts each area of their lives and to understand how their colleagues may also experience sound.


If you would like to discuss how we may work with your organisation.

Please contact me by email at to schedule an initial 15 minute chat.


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