Wellbeing Through Sound Awareness

Sound is vibration and we often feel sound in the body, as well as hear sound through our ears.

Sound is experienced in a different way by each of us.

What mood you’re in on a particular day or what is personally happening for you in life may influence your experience of a sound.

Sound Sensory Challenges

Some sound may also be relaxing to listen to, while others are uncomfortable. One single sound may be traumatic depending on your previous experience with that type of sound.

Sound sensitivity is a very common challenge and the experience of sound very much contributes to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Listening to sound may inspire the other senses, such as vision, touch, taste and smell.  Some individuals see sound as colour, words and numbers – this is called ’Synesthesia’.

Becoming aware of how sound affects you can help you navigate the sounds around you, which is more beneficial for mental health.

One person’s sound is another person’s noise

Sound is experienced in a different way by each individual.

What mood you’re in on a particular day or personal life events may influence your experience of a sound from one moment to the next.

Using Sound for Wellbeing

The use of sound in a wellbeing context is becoming increasingly valued.

Often to improve student wellbeing in schools with sessions or in reducing sound sensitivity challenges in the classroom.

We deliver sound therapeutically through relaxation sessions, using instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs and percussion. Recorded sounds can be effective for individual support too.

Also consider how stimulating the spaces are. We consult on the acoustics of classrooms and education spaces to optimise the students wellbeing within that space.

How The Sound Spa can help


    For your classrooms or event spaces, we use sounds as a way to create calm and relaxing environments. This is especially beneficial for those with sound sensitivities or social phobias.

    We also offer interactive workshops and sessions to help inform clients of how the sound in their space impacts them.


    We offer personal and group sessions, to work with the application of sound and raise awareness of sound.

    Within a session we explore different types of sound to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, whilst supporting an individual to be able to cope with sound and the environment they’re in.


    For clients with sound sensory challenges, our one-to-one sessions explore different types of sound to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, whilst supporting the individual to cope with sounds and the environment they’re in.

    All of this delivered in a safe sound environment.


    We also feel it is important to equip your team, teachers, groups leaders and staff with the tools to become more sound aware as a way to support individuals within each space.

    We offer short skills development courses and workshops to provide your team with the understanding, skills and tools needed to feel confident working with sound.

Consultation for your organisation

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help you support the children & young people under your care. 

Please schedule a FREE initial 15 minute chat with us.

Following this a full consultation can be arranged. Price upon request.

During a full consultation, action points and a strategy will be discussed to support you and your team in creating and implementing an effective plan focused on the use of sound in your environment to promote positive wellbeing.

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