The benefits of sound-based wellbeing experiences for you and your team

Understanding sound sensory challenges in the workplace

Sound is experienced in a different way by each individual.

What mood you're in on a particular day or personal life events may influence your experience of sound from one moment to the next.

The application of sound-based wellbeing practices for sound sensory challenges

The use of sound in a wellbeing context is becoming increasingly valued.

At The Sound Spa we work with the application of sound to raise awareness of sound, while at the same time supporting clients to become comfortable with sound.

For our clients with sound sensory challenges, we explore different types of sounds to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety while supporting an individual to be able to cope with the environment they’re in.

Delivered in a safe sound environment, we use different types of sound as a way to help a client become aware to understand the effects of the sound for them personally.

At events we use sound to create calm and relaxing spaces for those with sound sensory challenges.

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Awaken your team spirit

Immerse yourself in an experience of sound designed to unlock untapped potential, fostering focus, resilience, and inspiration.

Guided by expert facilitator Tessa Ann, journey into the transformative realm of sound for wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

With every session, ignite the collective team spirit within your workplace, empowering individuals, boosting their productivity and well-being.

Together we will embark on this transformative journey toward a harmonious and thriving workplace culture.