Wind Gongs

Wind gongs are flat bronze discs, with little fundamental pitch, heavy tuned overtones, and long lasting. They are made of electrolytic copper and tin. Traditionally, a wind gong is played with a large soft mallet, which gives it a roaring crash to match their namesake.
Played with a nylon tip drumstick, they sound rather like the coil chimes in a mantle clock. Some have holes in the centre, but they are mounted like all suspended gongs by other holes near the rim. The smaller sizes (7"-12" /18 – 30 cm) have a more bell-like tone due to their thickness and small diameter.

Please note: These gongs can have small 'blisters' on their surface, this can't be 100% avoided for handmade gongs. It is a normal phenomena, it is not a hole or a dent, it is a bubble of the melten copper and does not affect the gong sound or lifespan.