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1 in every 10 young people experiences problems with their feelings.
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of young people. We designed our programme for children & young people to be an enjoyable and uplifting experience for teacher and child, whilst at the same time bringing a collective calm and focus.

Testimonials from corporate clients

Louise - Sure Start Facilitator

"I have found this training very useful and so interesting. It is amazing to realise/learn the impact sound has on our everyday lives and how the experience of sound can be so different to each person/child.Following on from this aspect, it has opened up my understanding and mindset of the impact of sound on each individual  - experiencing the practical aspect of the training has really helped me with this, realising that one day depending on mood, experiences etc a sound could be enjoyed but another day the experience of that same sound could be a negative one. So observing how I feel when listening to a sound and reflecting on this as to how a child could feel. Getting an insight into what a sound could mean or what part of the body it targets has been very interesting and I look forward to continuing this experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the sessions and sharing our experiences of implementing sound therapy in each of our centres.Tessa you are amazing at what you do. Thank you for my amazing experience so far and I look forward to continuing this with yourself!"


Ashlea - Sure Start, Additional Needs Coordinator

"I loved the day’s training. It was so different to anything I’d ever done before.  It was an amazing immersive sound experience, it was so good to listen to the sounds and discuss our observations and responses.  This really helped to understand how our service users may respond and how we can adapt our playing to their needs and preferences.  It was great to practically try out the instruments too and get a feel for how to play them.I learnt about new instruments, I learnt about how sounds connect to different parts of our bodies/our mood/memories etc.It was interesting to learn how everyone experiences sounds so differentlyIt was great for my own wellbeing, very relaxed and lovely to do something different with some of my colleagues and we are now connected on this sound journey. Tessa is an amazing facilitator and the day was so interesting.I have skills and knowledge to take back to my work place and am looking forward to trying out the instruments with the children and families I work with."


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