Corporate Wellbeing Experiences

The Sound Healing Spa was founded by Tessa Ann in 2013.
Since then she and her team have delivered a range of therapeutic sound experiences, workshops, training
and events to individuals, groups, businesses and corporate organisations.
Tessa has worked with a wide range of businesses over the years and seen the improvements to mental
wellness, clarity of mind, communication and bonding that therapeutic sound can bring to individuals
and staff teams, boosting morale and productivity as real workplace wellness benefits.

  • Mental wellness and comminication

    Therapeutic sound sessions can bring improvements to mental wellness, clarity of mind, communication and team bonding.
    Clinical trials have specifically shown that sound healing may help relieve a range of common issues that may affect a team member's effectiveness, including stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and more.

  • Physical wellness and ease of pain

    In clinical trials the use of therapeutic sound has shown to relieve a range of common physical issues that can impact your team members on a day to day basis, such as:
    insomnia, chronic pain, hearing difficulties, stress, high blood pressure and much more.

  • Boosted mood and productivity

    I have worked with a range of businesses over the years, delivering workshops and one to one sessions both on and offline.

    I have seen first hand how therapeutic sound can boost morale and productivity through the improvements to physical and mental wellness, as well as team bonding.

Understanding sound sensory challenges in the workplace

Sound is experienced in a different way by each individual.

What mood you're in on a particular day or personal life events may influence your experience of sound from one moment to the next.

The application of therapeutic sound for sound sensory challenges

The use of sound in a therapeutic context is becoming increasingly valued.

At The Sound Healing Spa we work with the therapeutic application of sound to raise awareness of sound, while at the same time supporting clients to become comfortable with sound.

For our clients with sound sensory challenges, we explore different types of sounds to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety while supporting an individual to be able to cope with the environment they’re in.

Delivered in a safe sound environment, we use different types of sound as a way to help a client become aware to understand the effects of the sound for them personally.

At events we use sound to create calm and relaxing spaces for those with sound sensory challenges.

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