Founder & Expert Sound for Wellbeing Practitioner

Tessa Ann has worked in the sound and music industry for 25 years.

Combining her love of sound with her passion for wellbeing and complementary therapies, Tessa Ann first founded the successful The Sound Healing Spa, moving on to create the unique therapeutic sound learning system The Sound Oracle alongside TESSA UnLtd, her umbrella company which offers training through their Therapeutic Sound Academy, coaching, publishing and events.

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The conception of the original Sound Healing Spa

"I founded the original Sound Healing Spa in 2013, since then my team and I have delivered a range of sound experiences, gong baths, workshops, training and events to individuals, groups, businesses, corporate organisations and festivals. Lifting spirits, relaxing minds and helping bring healing therapeutic sounds to as many people as possible,.

Come try it with us!"

Tessa Ann

The Sound Oracle

Over years I have developed The Sound Oracle, a unique learning system designed to teach a foundational, yet advanced concept used in the practice of therapeutic sound.

This learning system is suitable for beginners through to more experienced sound-based wellbeing practitioners and provides an opportunity to enhance and deepen existing sound practices.

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Sound Experiences for Kids

Sound-based wellbeing experiences, have been proven to promote a sense of calm amongst children & young people, offering benefits for those with neurodevelopmental conditions.

So I created sound experiences to support kids, offering Teacher CPD training, early years programmes, school programmes, and activities for young people with their parents, guardians or carers.

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My umbrella company, covering all our sound for wellbeing services and products.

Our experiential sound-based courses promote ‘The Essence of Sound Space Awareness’ encouraging you to explore your connection with yourself and your environment through sound.

Through this exploration you learn how to interpret the cues arising from sound vibration and how it interacts with the body and the bio-energy field.

When you develop the skills to recognise these cues and what they mean you are able to apply these skills to your own personal development and to working with your clients in a sound for wellbeing context.