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FULL MOON Sound Spa Experience @ Templemore Baths Heritage Space - Thursday 19 September 2024 @ 7.30 pm

FULL MOON Sound Spa Experience @ Templemore Baths Heritage Space - Thursday 19 September 2024 @ 7.30 pm

Thursday 19 September 2024 @ 7.30 pm

Price: £20 plus booking fee.

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Sound Spa Experience with Tessa Ann @ Templemore Baths Heritage Space

Step into a journey of tranquillity and rejuvenation within the walls of the former Minor Pool at Templemore Baths Heritage Space, a testament to the rich Victorian history of Belfast.

However, you won't be entering the water for this event.

Tessa Ann brings her Sound Spa Experience to this former aquatic space, under her theme of Sound Space Connect, 'Connecting People, Places and Spaces through Sound'

Prepare to embark on an ethereal experience unlike any other, as the echoes of thousands who once learned to swim here infuse the air with a sense of timeless energy.


This unique heritage space offers a sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to experience the transformative power of sound in a setting steeped in history.

The former Minor Pool Event Space at Templemore Baths Heritage Space is one of Belfast’s heritage gems, preserving the legacy of the city's Victorian baths with its original swimming pool and slipper baths.

Renowned for her immersive sonic experiences that promote relaxation and self-discovery, Tessa Ann invites you to connect with the energy of Templemore Baths' rich history through her blissful soundscapes.

You are invited to come along to immerse yourself in the vibrations of crystal bowls and other instruments, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Join us at this year's Eastside Arts Festival for an experience where the enduring charm of history connects with the transformative energy of sound.


If you're new to the concept of a sound spa, here is some information you may find useful before your experience.

What happens during a Sound Spa Experience?

Tessa Ann will play a range of therapeutic sound instruments including Tibetan and crystal singing bowls for deep relaxation, the drum for grounding, percussion instruments such as shakers and rain sticks to waken up the body at the end of the session. She will introduce you to the effects that different sounds may have on the body during a sound-based relaxation experience.

In a group session, each person will have their own individual experience of the sounds.

For some this is felt physically, for others it works on an emotional or mental level.

After a Sound Spa Experience individuals often describe feeling bathed in sound.

All that is expected from you, is that you come along to relax and enjoy what the experience holds for you.

How to prepare:

  • Please bring a yoga mat if you have one (Tessa will have some spare mats)
  • Bring a pillow and blanket and bottle of water to keep beside you during the session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

Health conditions:

Please advise if you have any health conditions or mobility challenges we should be aware of in advance of the session.

Please advise if you require a chair.

Please note:

Do not attend if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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