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Sound Healing Spa

The Sound Bath Experience - SOMA FESTIVAL 2024 - Sunday 21 July @ 3.30 pm

The Sound Bath Experience - SOMA FESTIVAL 2024 - Sunday 21 July @ 3.30 pm

Tessa Ann brings her Sound Bath Experience back to The SOMA Festival Castlewellan, Co. Down.

Experience the relaxing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and other sound instruments.

Limited spaces available.

Venue: The Green Room, The Lodge, Castlewellan.

Times:  3.30 - 5.00 pm.

Payment can be made by Bank transfer - £25.00 (including booking fee)

Please email Tessa to for bank payment details.


If you're new to Sound Bathing, here is some information you may find useful before your experience.

What is a sound bath?

A range of instruments are played during the session to introduce you to the effects that different types of musical instruments can have on the body, when played with the intention of using sound as a therapeutic tool.

After a sound bath some individuals often describe their experience as one of feeling bathed in sound, or a feeling of sound washing over them.

Even in a group environment, each person will have their own individual experience of the sounds. For some this is felt physically, for others it works on an emotional or mental level. The session may also be experienced in a more spiritual way.

There is no set or specified way that one should experience a sound bath session. Instruments played include Tibetan and crystal singing bowls for deep relaxation, voice to cover a wide range of frequency and vibration, percussion instruments such as shakers and rain sticks to waken up the body and help the body’s energy to flow and the drum to ground the body’s energy.

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Sound Bathing

The practice of therapeutic sound, like gong baths, uses sound vibration to help relax and reduce stress in the body. When you are more relaxed and less stressed it is easier for your body to activate its own natural healing mechanisms.

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